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Visuals: C9W.de / Architecture: Architekturbüro Siemonsen

architectural visualizations and branding for better communication.

architectural visualizations and branding for better communication.

We love architecture and create high-quality visualizations and branding geared to your communication goals and focused on your target group - we translate your visions in visual content.

Our unrestricted goal is to drive your project forward.

As a specialist for 3D visualization and architectural communication, with many years of interdisciplinary experience, as a creative source of ideas for perspective, branding and display technology, we develop convincing visual content for the successful communication of your project.

Visuals: C9W.de / Architecture: Prof. Moths Architekten


We are enthusiastic about architecture and design. Visualizations are our passion.


We are experts! We also understand your visions on the basis of simple plans.


For a convincing impression and to support the design process, we can add details that have not yet been formulated.


Reliability is an important asset for us. We work transparently and on time.


Targeting the emotions during the decision-making process, we make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision.


We prepare the visualizations according to the requirements for your respective sales channels.


Branding is not just about visualizations and a name. For a coherent overall impression, we also offer logo design and web design.


We accelerate your sales process and improve your return of investment. We work reliably, transparently and on time.

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Branding and Real Estate marketing.

Branding and REal Estate marketing.

Do you want to present your project, dispel the concerns of interest groups, or position your property in an advantageous way for marketing?

Architectural visualizations and branding have always been the means of choice to overcome such hurdles, present plans in an understandable manner and arouse emotions.

Using branding, we create a homogeneous overall impression in order to present your project in the best light - from naming and logo design to web design and exposés.

We develop communication and social media strategies as well as projekt specific websites, 360° webtours and virtual reality content.

VISUALizations - For competition, Planning and real estate marketing.

VISUALizations - For competition, Planning and real estate marketing.

We are your point of contact for architectural visualizations in all project phases.

We support you with content for competitions, in design development, presentation preparation as well as and especially in marketing.

Visualisierung: C9W.de / Architektur: Bruns und Hayungs Architekten

On the basis of 3D computer models, we can not only generate convincing images, but depending on the requirements, we can also generate visuell content as animations, camera shots, 360 ° web tours and virtual reality scenes.

Visualisierung: C9W.de / Architektur: Architekturbüro Siemonsen

The head behind C9W.de:
Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
Christian Wirdemann
Lead architecture communication + strategic 3D visualization

The head behind C9W.de:
Dipl.-Ing. Architecture
Christian Wirdemann
Lead architecture communication + strategic 3D visualization

As an expert with more than 10 years of experience in architectural visualization, I am familiar with the various development and decision phases of real estate projects.

As a reliable contact, I offer architects, planners, project developers and property developers personal advice. Together we develop an individual strategy for the optimal presentation, positioning or marketing of your project.

Instead of using standard solutions, we aim at the emotional component in the decision-making process of your clients, offer you a consistently thought-out implementation and a targeted approach.

Visuals: C9W.de / Architecture: Architektengruppe Voss

Need to talk to us?

Need to talk to us?

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